A Fresh Outlook On Philanthropy

Future Leaders in Philanthropy project is based on Gibraltar and is focused on young people currently undertaking their final year of school, and their first year at university. which already maintains another project focussing on school children, and in combination with Credit Suisse, this project benefits both participants and one or more charitable philanthropy.

Selected 20 students for each project, and work with their education, this project requires participants to donate their time and energy into directed selection philanthropic activities. 

The aim of this work is to develop the skills of the participants themselves, as well as raise money for charity particular philanthropy. The Bonita Trust will then be in line with what the participants improve and give a full contribution to a charity selected.

Charities that benefit, which is selected by the participants, but since the project began, has contributed to a variety of causes, many of the medical, but also some of the main causes more, and so there is no specificity or discrimination when it comes to which charities receive support, it just comes to whom the participant chooses.

Program activities carried out by the participants of the project are determined by the body organized into three phases, each designed to develop organizational skills and financial management skills. 

Such experience will contribute to the development of individuals when it comes to the next life and equip them to make a difference in their own communities.

The educational quality of the project became clear, as from reading through this website anyone can see how this program is specifically designed to educate participants in the field of finance, and investment, particularly in regard to charity. which will, therefore, help them at a greater rate further in their careers.