An Overview On Child Custody Law

Family law covers all aspects of family interactions. Child custody is one area of family law that many people may find important. You can get the best advice from the best child adoption lawyer in the US by clicking at: Family law – Lisa L. Meggs Attorney at Law – United States.

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Child custody is the right of the parents to visit their children and make important decisions about the child's future. There are two important aspects of child custody that many people don't know about: physical custody and legal custody. Legal custody is the authority of the parent to make important decisions about the child's future.

These decisions can be made regarding education, religious upbringing, and medical care. The child's physical custody is the place where they live.

Many times, parents may have created their own parental custody agreements during the divorce process. These agreements are usually ratified by courts. 

There are two options available for parents to share care and control over their children. The first option allows one parent to have sole physical custody and legal custody, while the other will have visitation rights or access.

Legal and physical custody are not usually divided in the case of sole custody. One parent with sole custody will usually have sole legal or physical custody. But, sole custody has its limitations.

Another option is to have the parents share joint legal or physical custody. Joint custody does not require that the time spent with each parent be equal.

Although the child might spend more time with one parent, the custody arrangement can still be considered a joint agreement. A joint custody arrangement makes it easier to share legal and physical custody.