Aviator Sunglasses – There’s One For Every Occasion

Today, there are more styles of aviator sunglasses than eyewear aficionados can keep track of. On the one hand, there is a baffling variety of styles, shapes, colors, and functions and on the other, your choice depends on several factors such as your face shape, outfit, the occasion, and your purpose of wearing sunglasses. Here is a lowdown on what kind of aviator sunglasses to choose based on where you plan to wear them to. You can find stylish aviator sunglasses for Men at the Funky pilot store.


For a casual occasion like a pool party, a picnic, or backyard luncheon, a subtly tinted pair of gradient sunglasses should serve the purpose. The options are many ranging from Wayfarers, Club masters as well as retro styles like the Jackie sunglasses.

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The Wayfarer and the Club master are rectangular shaped sunglasses with a bold frame and a defined brow line. They pair well with almost anything, from jumpsuits to the classic white shirt- blue jeans combo.


For a professional look, there's nothing better than a pair of suave aviator sunglasses. Available in a variety of hues and frame colors, they look good on all face shapes. An important factor to consider while wearing aviators is their size. They should be in proportion to the size of the face.

Couple them with a dapper-looking suit and it upgrades your whole look to that of a professional who appreciates the minutiae of life. Also, they are no longer a masculine style. Pair them up with a slick-looking formal shirt, fitted long skirt, and a well-tailored jacket and it immediately lends an air of authority and power.