Best Treatment For Anxiety in Lisle, IL

Constant anxiety can cause stress and make your life more difficult. You need to seek the best treatment for anxiety if you are suffering from it. It can be treated in many ways, from holistic to medical prescription drugs. Let's take a look at each.

Prescription medication- These are the most commonly prescribed medications doctors recommend when treating anxiety. These medications are often prescribed because they can help with anxiety symptoms. For short-term or occasional treatment, anti-anxiety medications can be used. The doctors at Northstar Medical Center located in Lisle, IL provide the treatments to patients who are suffering from an array of health complications.

Some anti-depressants can cause nausea or sleepiness. They can also make you addicted to anti-anxiety medication. Both of these medications can lead to dependence and tolerance.

Psychotherapy- This is another approach that professionals use, especially psychiatrists and therapists. It involves one-on-one sessions with patients suffering from anxiety. Although there are many approaches, the most popular is cognitive behavioral therapy (or CBT). This approach combines both cognitive and behavioral elements to address the problem. 

Often, the source of anxiety and thoughts that relate to it are brought up by the patient. The patient is then taught to recognize that their actions and thoughts are not rational. They are encouraged to have more positive thoughts and reactions.