Best Trees for Indoors

Trees are a great thing to have in your garden. They clean the air, provide shade and privacy, are great for hiking and look beautiful. While many trees are too large to even think about growing indoors, there are plenty of trees that make beautiful accents in your home. You can also buy Fiddle Leaf Fig and Ficus Lyrata plant for Indoors/Outdoors from the web.

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 Here are a few:

If you're a fan of the Victorian era, you've probably seen photos or movies from that era with a palm tree from a salon turning the salon into color. They adapt well to low light and humidity and are on NASA's list of 50 air purifying plants. And admit it, they're cool and sophisticated and who doesn't want one in a big ceramic pot in the living room?

Ficuses are probably the most popular indoor tree, in fact they make fake versions that you only occasionally clean up and forget. The original version was actually a weeping fig tree if you want to get technical, and come in a variety of textures and heights, making them perfect for any room, anywhere. 

If you like more than one desert tree, the Fiddle is for you. They have thick tree trunks and pointed leaves that come in various shades of blue to blue-green, and also have shades of yellow, cream, or white