Buying a Car from Private Parties

Although it may take a bit more work to purchase your car from a private party, it is still possible. You will need to complete a few forms and send them to the county tax collector. 

You can also search for the services of vehicle registration online.

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Here are the forms you will need:

Fill out a Bill Of Sale: This is basically a receipt for your vehicle purchase. It's also known as an HSMV-82050.

To ensure you have all information, you will need to sign a certificate of ownership with the previous owners. 

Pro tip: Make sure that the VIN number on your title matches the vehicle identification number on the car. 

Complete an odometer/mileage disclosure form: Florida requires you to submit a notice detailing the mileage of your vehicle. You will need the HSMV-82993 form. You will also need a VIN verification inspection if your car has never been titled in Florida.

Take these completed forms and proof of Florida insurance with you to the Tax Collector Office. Any insurance company can provide car insurance. You can find the right fit by doing a quick search online. You should also bring proof of identification (e.g. your Florida learner permit, which you may have earned in-app).

Pay the registration fee: These fees will be collected at the Florida tax collector. The fees include the vehicle registration fee, title fee, Florida sales tax (6%), local county fee, and license plate fee (if necessary).

You won't have to pay if you are simply transferring plates. The cost of your new plates will vary depending on where you live and what county you are in.