Chip tuning from Total Car Diagnostics in Australia

When a vehicle is manufactured, there are certain factors to consider that determine the overall characteristics of the vehicle before it can leave the factory line. These cars have limited fuel use capability and this is where professional chip tuning comes into play when upgrading your vehicle's factory settings to allow for increased fuel economy while maintaining the same level of performance.

Chip tuning professionals keep you updated on automatic chip tuning, diesel tuning, and fuel-saving technology. A wide range of products also includes Bluetooth modules, tuning vessels, U-Connect, Nitrous Driver, V-Tech Driver, and Map Select Switch, and many more. You can also explore more about diesel chip tuning and the benefits of remapping through online sources.

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They will modify and improve the performance and handling of your car. This will help you achieve a much better fuel economy and generate more power at higher RPMs. 

When performing chip tuning on a vehicle, a professional chip tuner must install the operating part. These parts may include replacing the air filter, installing a chip and installing a new turbocharger, or adjusting the heat sink. They'll discuss all the options available.

A team of experienced professionals has experience in making affordable and professional chip setups to provide the customers with the best value for money. However, they do give you their job guarantee and present all the schedules. 

For example, the power increase "curve", the detonation sensor display, the catalytic converter sensor display, the power calculation so as not to damage the transmission.