Choosing a Cold Room for Your Business Needs

When choosing a solution to keep your chilled and frozen stock cold, it is first essential to decide whether you require a walk-in cold room, or whether the quantity of goods is not enough for this. You can also hire and buy cool rooms depending on your needs. If this happens, a large commercial refrigerator can provide the solution and be a cheaper alternative, also take up less space. 

The benefit of walk-in rooms is that goods are easily accessible and more visible to staff, The result is improved business efficiency and a reduction in waste as there are no unreachable products left in the back of the cabinet. When it comes to selecting a product, other decisions a business will need to make is how much insulation they need.

The standard thickness is generally 80 mm, but designs can be bought with more than this. Additional insulation is more expensive but the costs are off-set by the greater efficiency of the room. The thicker the insulation, the less heat enters into the room, so less power is needed to maintain the correct internal temperature.

This results in lower operating costs. The approximate payback period for buying a solution with higher insulation is about ten years. This makes it a cost-effective choice as these products generally have a life span of 10-20 years. Consider also whether you need an insulated floor. The insulated floor is needed for medium and large freezer rooms, to keep the products at the right temperature; but not necessarily required for the chiller room.