Effective Methods Of Paint Stripper

There are a variety of methods used to easily remove existing paint without damaging the surface on which the object is being painted. This method is also great for removing stubborn layers of paint. You can also navigate to panelstore for more information about paint stripper. 

Effective Methods Of Paint Stripper

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The most effective paint strippers are listed below:

Electric paint stripper – This type of color strip works with electricity from the grid. It is on and off. This creates a small amount of heat which, when brought to the painted surface, heats up the paint and dissolves or bubbles up. As long as the scraper is not too close to the paint, this will not adversely affect the main substrate. Care must be taken when removing loose paint to avoid damaging the surface.

Blow burner paint stripper- There are several types of burners available on the market today. You basically remove paint with the help of fire. While experts don't recommend it for wood surfaces, some professionals use it to remove paint from all types of surfaces, including wood. 

Chemical paint stripper -As the name suggests, a chemical stripper uses several different types of chemicals which work well for removing paint from any surface. A number of chemical paint removers are currently available that work effectively.

Painting professionals use all of these removal methods to their liking. They have strengths and weaknesses. Consumers need to be careful when using it and consider the harmful effects.