Emergency Survival Kits Must Contain Essential Things

You can assemble or buy kits for your home, in the car, and outdoors. Every home in America must have at least one survival kit for each household member. The past decade has seen some of the worst violence in American history.

The past decade has seen some of the worst storms in history. Having a survival kit is not a luxury, it is definitely a necessity. The federal government even recommends that every household has emergency equipment for every member of the household.

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For a family of four

Each emergency kit must contain at least the following:

Three days of water Three days of food Medical supplies Important documents (at least a copy) Can opener Portable radio Flashlight Lighter Candle City map Portable car charger for cell phone

To survive effectively in natural disasters or man-made objects, the above items must be present and ready to use. You can assemble yourself or buy one. You want to make sure you have enough food and water to last at least three days.

Medical supplies should be stored in the first aid kit that was just kept, and if a family member has diabetes or needs other life-saving care/treatment (it should be rotated frequently to ensure freshness).

It's always best to plan ahead, just in case. There are so many families who have lost the basic ability to support their families during some of the terrible storms that Nature threw at them. Often times, these storms hit in the middle of the night without warning.