Employee Motivation: An Essential Leadership Skill

A good leader must do more than just develop their own skills. Leaders also need to remember that they are a leader, not a team. People need to be motivated and encouraged to challenge themselves and do their best. Therefore, leadership development should focus on helping managers understand why people work best when they are motivated.

Motivation is the basis of behavior:

Motivation is the driving force behind our behavior, but using it to create an efficient workforce is not always easy. Theories about how best to motivate workers have changed significantly over the last century. It is suggested that money is the primary motivator for workers. These theories often lead to the assumption that managers need to manipulate the work environment to motivate correct behavior. Furthermore, the other best and proven employee rewards system is employee travel prizes that help them in refreshing their mind and increase their productivity in work.

Company Reward System

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People work best when they are motivated:

The idea that workers can be motivated was further developed in the theory of self-determination, which is based on research showing that people are naturally motivated to work effectively and efficiently. Therefore, the role of managers is not to force workers to behave contrary to their nature but to create an environment that fosters this intrinsic motivation. 

Employees who are driven by internal and autonomous motivation perform tasks that are of interest or benefit to them, rather than working under pressure from externally controlled motivators such as financial rewards or punishments. How hard an employee works does not depend on how many people are paid or how tightly the workplace is regulated.