Gardening – How To Grow Corn Plant

You will need to have rich, fertile soil to grow corn. To ensure that the corn is getting enough nutrients, you may need to add compost to the soil.

When to Plant Corn

Summer is the best time to plant corn because it loves warm weather. Plant your corn 14 days before the last frost. To prevent cross-pollinating between varieties, space your plantings a week apart. You can also buy dracaena fragrans ‘Massangeana’, a corn plant online.

Dracaena' Corn Plants for Sale

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Where to plant corn

To ensure good pollination, plant your corn in rows that are side-by-side. Corn must have full sun. Also, keep in mind that corn can grow taller than other vegetables. This could cause problems for other vegetables. This problem is usually solved by planting corn on the north or east side of your garden.

How to Plant Corn

If you are planting corn for the first time, you should turn the soil in the autumn to allow you to plant the corn in spring. However, you can turn the soil in spring to plant your corn and get a good harvest. You should not plant corn in the same place as last year if you have ever grown corn. This can lead to pest and disease problems.

How to Fertilize Corn

People place a kernel of corn on top of a dead fish. While most people believe this to be a myth, the nitrogen from the decayed fish actually gives the corn the nutrients it needs.