High-Scoring Scrabble Words

Many beginner players to Scrabble have one goal: To make a word every chance they get. Players move beyond the basics of Scrabble and start to look at ways to maximize their points. 

This includes using strategies such as parallel plays or strategically holding back letters in order make bingo words. You can also use scrabble word cheat or scrabble helper to Make words with letters.

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The best starting move in Scrabble for 78 points is 'MUZJIKS.' This earns you 28 points for tiles and 50 for all seven tiles. If anyone asks what it means, a muzjik refers to a Russian term that denotes a peasant. 

Although the chances of receiving those seven letters exactly are slim, it is worth keeping in mind for that star turn when it does happen.

Bingo in Scrabble refers to when you use all seven tiles in a single move. It scores 50 extra points over the value of each tile. Scrabble has several word stems that are five to six letters in length. With the addition of one letter, you can make a seven-letter word.

The stem ENTAIL can be used to make a bingo word by adding one of 11 letters. Addition of the letter E to ENTAIL' will create 'LINEATE'. Adding O to the stem creates "ELATION". 

This stem can contain twenty-six possible bingo words. There are many Scrabble bingo stems, including 'NAILERS, 'LADIES, and 'TREATS. These bingo words can be found in a variety of Scrabble Cheat online resources.

SESQUIOXIDE is the best scrabble word if you really want to shoot for the stars. This chemical name is for oxide or oxygen that has two atoms from another element.