How To Choose A Paddle Board For SUP Yoga

Lastly, SUP yoga is a great way to get out of the water. Finding it outdoors, and especially in water, adds another sensory dimension to yoga practice. From a physical point of view, owning a plank adds an element of instability that challenges you and uses extra muscle.

If you've decided to do and go to SUP yoga center, you should buy a board specifically designed for it. The SUP yoga board will have several features designed for yoga. Do you need a special board like that?

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Boards sold specifically for SUP yoga are usually versions of existing stability boards, but with a few modifications to the deck plinth and accessories that make the board more specific to yoga. If you carefully compare the features, you may find that you are better off using the universal inflatable SUP which has an ideal yoga setting but is also suitable for other rowing activities.

While you can do SUP yoga on almost any board, beginners should start from the most stable platform. Most people know that the stability of a SUP board is determined by its width. It is not yet known how the plate thickness affects its stability.

A 36-inch wide board seems like the obvious choice for stability. But if the board is 6 inches thick, all bets are ruled out. A board 34 inches wide and only 5 inches thick is more stable because it moves deeper on the water than a 6-inch board.