How To Properly Use Sandpaper In NZ

What is sandpaper and how do you use it? How to use the correct sandpaper in  NZ? Professional contractors and home improvement professionals use automotive sandpaper to smooth, sharpen, polish, shape, and finish wood, drywall lining, windows, and a host of other items to beautify homes. 


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Sandpaper immediately removes a small amount of material from an object (for example, the outer layer of paint).In the past, sandpaper was made from real grains of sand glued to a paper base. The actual sand grains are no longer used today. It is now made of garnet, silicon carbide, and aluminum oxide.

There are many types (grades) of sandpaper in NZ  for different jobs. You have to choose the right type for the specific project you will be working on. The smaller number class is coarser and removes more of the material with each movement. 

First of all, you need to decide exactly how much sanding will be required for your project. If the surface of the object is relatively smooth, use good quality paper (grain). 100 grit should work fine. If the object is jagged or very rough, choose thick (rough) paper (50-60 grit).

Assuming you started with coarser paper, you will now move on to finer sand. Go ahead and continue sanding until the surface is smooth to the touch. If necessary, you can use finer sand (120), but grind it very gently. You should continue this process until the surface feels smooth to the touch. You can even search online to get more information about sandpaper in NZ.