How to Recover From Trauma?

Emotional trauma and psychological trauma are the results of extremely stressful events that shake your sense of security. This makes you feel vulnerable in an uncertain world. Psychological trauma can cause you to experience upsetting memories, anxiety, and other emotional reactions that will not go away. You may feel numb, disengaged, and unable to trust others. You can also cure your trauma with

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Traumatic experiences can often be dangerous to your life or safety. However, any situation that makes you feel overwhelmed or isolated may result in trauma. Your subjective emotional experience of an event determines whether it is traumatizing. You are more likely to be traumatized if you feel more scared and helpless.

You can cause emotional and psychological trauma by:

A single event, such as an injury, accident, or violent attack. This is especially true if the event was not expected or occurred in childhood.

 This could include living in a crime-ridden area, fighting a life-threatening disease, or experiencing traumatizing events such as bullying, domestic violence, or neglect as a child.

Many causes can be overlooked, including surgery (especially the first three years), sudden death, the end of a relationship, or a humiliating experience.

Even if you were not directly involved in the disaster, dealing with trauma can be difficult. Although it is unlikely that any of us will ever become the victims of a terrorist attack or plane crash or mass shootings, we are constantly bombarded with images and news stories about those who have. These images can cause traumatic stress and overwhelm the nervous system.

No matter what the trauma was, no matter how long ago it occurred, you can heal and continue living your life.