How To Throw The Perfect Kids Bowling Birthday Party

You are looking for a simple birthday theme that is also fun and easy? A bowling party is a great idea for your child. These are some ideas for the best bowling alley for birthday bash that doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Make sure to call your local bowling alley at least one week before the party. You will likely need to reserve the lanes in advance for your group. You should have one lane per four bowlers. You might be able to have more than one lane at some bowling alleys, but your kids may get bored waiting for their turn.

Ask if you are allowed to bring your cake, drinks, snacks, or if you have to purchase them at the bowling alley food counter. You might find a party package at some bowling venues that includes food. Ask about group rates to make it more affordable.

Ask about the rules before you buy or make decorations. For example, a bowling alley may say that balloons are allowed, but not confetti.

It is important to know whether or not the children need to bring their shoes. This is especially important if younger siblings are attending or the party is for children under 5. Some bowling alleys do not have shoes that fit small feet. Parents should warn their children that they need to bring sturdy shoes for their young children.

Invites with a bowling theme set the tone for your party. These invites can be purchased at party shops or online. You can also customize them and print your own.