How to Wall Mount Plasma Or LCD TVs

Many people avoid installing their new plasma or LCD TV on the wall because they think it is a demanding job or something that only a professional installer can do. Mounting your TV on the wall not only gives you the best viewing position but also helps free up valuable floor space and is an easy way to add contemporary style to any room. 

It's a good choice for many of the large-screen flat-panel displays common in home theaters or living rooms. Another option is a shoulder mount. They are more common for smaller LCD screens than large screens. 

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Many shoulders support also allow the TV to rotate or tilt and are sometimes referred to as articulated shoulder supports.

o For the best wall mount, you may consider a motorized wall mount. They allow for near-silent operation, so you can change the TV to the optimal viewing angle with the press of a button on the remote control. 

Cable Management – You want to make sure you plan how your TV will connect to the other components of your home theater. Some people just install strips to hide the wires, while most people install wall panels that allow connectors to be routed through the wall for a clean look without being messy.

Follow the correct electrical code and consult an electrician if necessary. The power cord should not be routed through the wall and in most cases, an outlet will be installed behind the TV to power the TV.