Know More About Electrolysis

Have you ever questioned the history of electrolysis? In now's blog, we will explore the prominent people throughout history who have played a part in what we now know as permanent hair removal

For ages, people have tried to mitigate, hairless skin. From the age of cavemen to the ancient nations to the Roman Empire, common women in societies that used something they could find to relieve themselves of excess hair.

Some of the tools contained marine shells, pumice, knives, razor blades, and the stone they use walnut oil for hair growth stops. These practices are often dangerous, ineffective, and it is not clear.

From the time the 1800s, doctors began researching on hair growth and ways to block it. They have found that the hair begins to grow on the ball close to the source of the hair follicle. They thought they could stop future hair growth by damaging the foundation is called the germinal papilla '.

Dr. Charles

Finally, in 1875, a safe and permanent form of hair removal has been created. It was Dr. Charles, located in St. Louis, which produced electrolysis, initially to treat ingrown hair. He wrote a paper on his work and electrochemical dissolution of hair follicles that same year.

Doctor Dr. William Hardaway reading posts Michel and embrace the practice of electrolysis into his work, with achievement.

He presented his findings to his colleagues in a meeting of the Dermatological Association. By sharing knowledge about new techniques, ideas electrolysis gained extensive attention among the medical community.