Know Your Acne Cream Base Well Before You Buy It

Before you go to the store to buy a famous brand of acne cream, try these steps. Follow the rules of cleaning your face with a mild scrub and dry with a clean towel. Do you feel your skin is too stretchy after washing? Then replace facial cleansing products. 

If these hygiene habits do not prevent further acne breakouts, choose a product that is mild by comparing the percentages of active ingredients from different brands. 

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Keep a separate towel for your face and wash it after use. Dirt and dandruff in your hair worsen the condition of your skin. Make sure to wash regularly with a shampoo that suits your hair type.


Keep your hands away from your face and don't touch the affected skin. When a pimple breaks, clean the area with a clean cloth, don't rub it into other parts of the face without washing it. 

Be punctual in your hair and nail care habits. Your nightly routine includes cleansing your face and applying cream to the affected area. 

Know your skin type

Acne creams are available in various strengths of active ingredients. If your skin is sensitive, i.e. it dries up or turns red when applying the cream, you should stop using it immediately. 

There are various treatments suitable for your skin type. Oily skin has an oily sheen all over and tends to get dirty easily and requires frequent cleaning.