Overcoming Anxiety With Therapy

In essence, recurrent anxiety is an intense form of worrying about health, work, fear of the future, or a wide range of situations that may occur in the future which creates a huge amount of emotional pain. So what can we do to control our anxiety levels?

It is important to understand that anxiety, like most emotional reactions, has a structure. It is not a random process, but is produced by the combination of two elements: structures, thought and energy associated emotional feeling. You can find the therapy and counseling services in Silicon Valley via https://www.neshimahealing.com/.

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We are all familiar with the recurring negative thought patterns: thought loops that maintain and amplify the worry and anxiety. This internal dialogue can be relentless and we often strike in the early hours of the morning so we can sleep at all!

Focusing on releasing the trapped, frozen emotional energy that has become attached to habitual thinking is one of the primary focuses of Mindfulness Therapy. First, we train ourselves to identify these negative reactions.

This is very important because we can not change what we can not see. Therefore, we must make our visible reactions by paying close attention to catch them as and when they arise.

We get to sit with our anxiety, without getting caught in more responsiveness and thinking, or trying to attack the negative thoughts. We are learning to turn our attention to the reaction, and that changes everything.

Now, of course, it is easier to do this with a skilled mindfulness therapist, but you will probably be quite surprised at how quickly things change once you get down to the detailed sensory level, made possible through focused mindfulness.