Retread Offers The Best Tire Warranty

Repair is the process of replacing worn tire treads. Wear tires are provided by the manufacturer with tread protection that retains most of the original tire material. As a result, retread tires cost much less than standard tires and are much cheaper.

Best quality retread tires near me combine quality and safety and were developed specifically for your fleet. Our guarantee is simple: we cover the tread and cover the tread life. We're here to change the way we think about protection and reliability. This makes us the only tread manufacturer to complete all available inspection steps in the retreading process.

Leveraging the latest innovative technology in the industry, our five-step process uses visual light, electronic bearings, laser shearography, X-rays and pressure case analysis. Our stringent quality assurance and inspection procedures provide your fleet with a reliable and consistent product that ultimately lowers your total cost per mile.

Our mission is to provide your fleet with a variety of tires that meet your needs in every position. With a large selection of SmartWay-tested and app-specific protective measures available over the national network, you can count on us for every kilometer.

If you are like most fleets, hull tracking and coordination is resource intensive. It creates a system for combining protectors. No more tracking and identifying where your loan is and what type of shell you have.

We offer the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, ensuring that any new protection we install is as good or better than the one we replace. You will always receive a first-class enclosure to your specifications with our promise of a lifetime warranty.