Safety Precautions Of Lithium Polymer Batteries

The lithium-polymer battery is a new, rechargeable lithium-based battery. Lithium polymer was developed as a lower cost and more stable version of the lithium-ion cell. But there are certain safety measures that should be used when using such a polymer battery. They are also known as lipo cells. You can also buy li-polymer battery pack through various online sources.

Safety precautions:

  • Never allow lithium batteries to charge or discharge on or near combustible materials, including paper, plastic, vinyl, carpet, leather, wood,  R / C model, or a full-size automobile.
  • Do not keep a pack in any clothing pocket.
  • Never let the lithium battery come in contact with moisture or water.
  • Never place the battery near an open flame or heater.
  • Never assemble a lithium battery or other assembled pack with other lithium cells/packs. Only a qualified battery assembly company should assemble or modify a LiPo battery.
  • Do not allow LiPo cells to puncture, especially with metal objects such as screwdrivers, T-pins, or hobby knives.
  • Always provide adequate ventilation around the LiPo battery during charge, discharge, and storage. If a battery heats up immediately, keep it in a fireproof place until it cools down.
  • Always store LiPo cells/packs in a safe place away from children.
  • Lithium batteries must be completely discharged prior to disposal for safety reasons (however, it is not recommended to discharge lipo cells before disposal if physically damaged). The battery must be cooled before proceeding with disposal instructions.