Seek And Destroy: Use Of Nematodes For Insect Pest Control In Canada

Grubs are a common lawn and turf pest. Beneficial nematodes (and they're safe!) can help. control. To ensure effective control, you must treat the white grubs at the correct time of the year.

Scarab beetles live for a year. It is crucial to treat the problem promptly to kill the larvae and prevent them from spawning in new adults. But with the assistance from the professionals like the Environmental Factor firm in Canada which is a leader in nematode applications it is possible to restrict them.

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The adult beetles usually lay eggs in the summer, which hatch in a matter of weeks. The newly hatched larvae feed all through the summer and fall, before going into the soil to overwinter.

The larvae will continue feeding in the spring, before eventually pupating and emerging as adults. It is best to treat in the late summer or early autumn because this is when the nematodes are most likely to attack small, delicate grubs.

Each grub solution may not be the best for every situation. While the best grub killers work slowly, active infestations require fast action. Granules are more effective than liquids because they can be spread quickly. Keep reading to find out some key factors to consider when making a decision.

Granular grub killers can be applied with either a handheld spreader or a walk-behind mower. Spread the granules using a spreader and then return them to the bag. This is an easy and quick way to treat your lawn.

However, it is important to remember that you should apply the active ingredients just before the rain falls so they can penetrate the soil. You will need to water your lawn after applying the active ingredients.