Sydney Airport Parking Fees – What Are Your Options for Keeping Costs Down?

Airport parking fees are relatively high compared to in the past. As a proportion of travel costs (when compared to airline flight costs), airport parking prices have increased significantly in recent years. So how can you make sure you don't pay more for parking than you should? let's find out…

In recent years we have seen airfares come down in cost. Virgin Blue, when they began flying in Australia, said they were not competing with Qantas for passengers. Their strategy and logic were that they were offering low-cost air travel that attracted people who usually could not afford to fly. This resulted in more people traveling to airports than before. If you’re looking for a, long term airport parking in Sydney, then browse the internet. 

Let's look at the facts using Sydney airport in Australia as an example.

Sydney Airport is Australia's most important aviation infrastructure, handling almost half of all international passengers to and from Australia. Sydney's resident population is expected to grow by twenty-five percent within 25 years, with over 5 million people expected to make the city their home. This will undoubtedly put more strain on the infrastructure for motorists.

So with a growing population and more people traveling, airports around Australia will struggle to keep up with the demand for parking. In recent years we have seen a significant increase in the number of innovative solutions to this growing problem. New businesses specializing in airport transfers have emerged and are becoming very popular.

These businesses also provide additional services. These include things like security (CCTV or secure facilities), and a car wash so you can assemble your car in a clean and tidy condition. You won't find these services at airports!