What are the Different Types of Construction Project Managers

Construction project management (CPM) is the coordination and management of a construction project from start to finish. There are many different types of project & construction management services, but most fall into one of three main categories: construction scheduling, construction budgeting, and construction quality control. 

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Construction scheduling is the process of predicting when each task on a construction project will be completed, based on the schematic design, contract specifications, crew availability, weather forecasts, and other factors. Construction budgeting is the process of figuring out how much money a construction company needs to spend to complete a project within specified deadlines and budget parameters. Construction quality control is the process of ensuring that all aspects of a construction project meet specific standards or expectations. 

These three main categories can be further subdivided based on the type of CPM being used. Construction scheduling can be divided into time-based and capacity-based, while construction budgeting can be divided into cost-effective and schedule-driven. Construction quality control can be divided into safety and environmental factors, materials and equipment usage, worker productivity, and finally customer satisfaction. 

No matter what type of CPM is being used, there are certain principles that must be followed in order to ensure successful completion of the project.

Construction budgeting is particularly important in construction because it allows the contractor to buy materials and equipment on a predetermined schedule instead of at auction. The ability to control costs and make adjustments prior to the completion of a project can help reduce costs considerably. Construction budgeting also allows contractors to avoid bidding against each other, which not only results in higher costs but also increases the chance of misunderstandings during negotiations.