How To Fix A Shattered Window Or Broken Glass

Sometimes, the simplest things in the world can cause a lot of damage. Imagine you're sitting on your sofa and looking out the window when suddenly, you hear a loud crash. You turn around to see that someone has carelessly opened their car door and you're left with a shattered window or broken glass.

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Here are also few tips on how to fix a shattered window: 

How to Fix a Shattered Window

1. Clean up any glass fragments: If there are any glass fragments on the ground, take care to clean them up before proceeding. This will help avoid creating additional messes.

2. Use adhesive tape: If the window is too broken to fix, try using adhesive tape to hold it together while you replace it. Make sure to select an adhesive that is strong enough to hold the window in place while it dries.

3. Replace the window: If adhesive tape isn't sufficient, you may need to replace the window entirely. Be sure to call a professional if this is your first time replacing a window and want extra safety precautions taken during installation.

Safety Precautions for Glass Repair

Always use a dust mask and gloves when repairing glass. The dust from the repair can be harmful if breathed in, and the gloves will help prevent cuts from sharp objects. 

– If the repair requires drilling into the glass, use a protective shield over the drill bit. Make sure the bit is tightly secured before beginning the drilling process.