Risk Assessment Of Lab Activities

Safe laboratory activities are based on:

Access to information about chemicals, microorganisms, gases, devices, pressure, voltage, etc. used

Risk assessment for hazardous work, taking into account the methodology used, in which actions and conditions that apply in the workplace are carried out.

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Take the protective measures and care needed to eliminate / reduce risk.

No one spends time in the laboratory having to risk injury because of the activities that occur there – this applies to patients, students, guests and staff. Operations also cannot cause environmental damage. To ensure that care and maintenance, research and training can be carried out without interruption, it is also important to protect samples, equipment and buildings.

All government agencies require a risk assessment, and risk assessment is always needed in connection with inspections, licenses, etc.

Risk assessment must be carried out before risky operations, during planning, before purchasing equipment, etc.

The risk assessment must also be revised when changes are made – concentration, temperature, materials, electricity, interior design, ventilation, etc.

Risk assessment must always be carried out by someone who knows the process, the relevant work methods, and the workplace. The responsible manager must read and sign this risk assessment.

Routine operations: Employees who are responsible for analysis and operations.

Education: Course instructors or for students as part of the course.

Research: Planning individual experiments / projects together with each leader.