Steps To Take When Cleaning Your Marble Floors

Many luxury homes today have marble floors, especially in the lobby area. Marble is a beautiful stone that is soft and porous, but repeated traffic can cause it to become dull and scruffy.

This expensive stone requires careful cleaning to keep it in good condition. You can get a reliable stone cleaning service via

Avoid using harsh cleaners or acidic solutions on marble floors, as they can easily scratch and damage the floor.

Regular sealing and buffing will help to protect the marble floor leaving it looking shiny and new.

Here are some more tips for cleaning marble floors:

• Use a soft broom or a dry mop to sweep all the dust and dirt particles from the marble floor. Make sure you get rid of all the visible dirt particles especially at the corners of the room.

• Use a damp mop to clean the floor eliminating all the light stains and the dirt that the broom missed. Make sure that the mop is damp but not wet, as the porous surface tends to soak up or absorb water. Use warm water and squeeze the mop carefully to get rid of all the excess water before using it.

• Use a terrycloth mop or paper towels to dry the floor and to get rid of all the excess water. Inspect the dry floor to see if there are any stains that the mop may have missed.

If you spill anything on the marble floor, you should clean and dry the area immediately. Acidic stains like those caused by liquids like citrus juices, wine, tomato sauce, and others can permanently stain the floor. If the floor stains, you should get the services of a professional who can get the stains out.