The Beginnings Of Batman Comic Books

We’ll be taking a quick look at Batman, one of the most popular and longest-running comic books of all time. In May 1939, Batman was introduced to comics for the first time. He wasn’t even in his own comic book. Detective Comics issue 27 featured him. Batman was an original superhero of his time, and still is today. He had no superpowers. 

He was not able to fly like Superman, run fast like Flash or be as strong as The Hulk. He was a flesh-and-blood crime fighter who wanted to eradicate the vermin that caused the deaths of his parents. You can navigate to this site to buy the best Batman comic books online.

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Batman, unlike other superheroes, was a dark character with a lot of his own demons. It was difficult to control his anger and keep him from becoming a nuisance. He was close to crossing the line between evil and good many times. Batman is Bruce Wayne, a millionaire. His secret identity as Batman was only discovered by Alfred, his trusted butler. 

Because of the dark nature of crime, he decided to model his crime fighting outfit on a bat. He wanted to make criminals laugh and fear him. Batman’s first and most detailed origin story was only revealed in Detective Comics number 47, June 2007. As with many comic book heroes, his actual origins changed over the years. 

However, his basic character traits have remained the same throughout the years. Batman owned a variety of gadgets that are well-known and beloved over the years, such as his utility belt that could do almost everything except make scrambled eggs.