The Best Hunting Knives On The Market

An enduring tradition of quality, value, and productivity, Buck is the maker of some of the finest knives made in America today. They've been making knives so well for over a century that it's understandable why they take pride in including their name on every knife they make. 

Times have changed, but the need for a reliable hunting knife remains the same. You can buy the best-hunting knives and tools for sale at the best prices.

With all the challenges we face in today's economy, Buck Knives strives to earn the trust of its customers with every hunting knife purchased. Whether it's a custom-made hunting knife or one of their renowned knife series, Buck knows they have the right hunting knife for you at the lowest price guaranteed.

Steel is the heart and soul of the knife. What Buck does with their steel sets them apart from all their competitors. There are three main criteria that can be used to measure knife quality. 

Edge retention, which means how long the edge or sharpness of the blade lasts, ductility and strength, which means how much force your blade can withstand, and lastly, corrosion resistance, which means how well your blade can be protected from the elements by Nature as well as myself.

Buck's process of combining the raw materials they use determines the level of Rockwell quality and hardness desired from their blades. Under the direct supervision of their in-house expert, Paul Boss, he ensures these qualities are met in every knife made by Buck Knife. 

However, the latest testing that Buck performs on every hunting knife, as well as all of their knives, is their latest procedure, from Rockwell hardness testing of freshly shaped knives to new testing from their quality control team.