The Must-Visit Off-Beat Capitals In Europe

Paris, Rome, Madrid, London, and Amsterdam are all amazing travel destinations. But Europe tour packages can't be defined by these cities alone. 

Hidden within the nooks and corners of this continent are several amazing sights and breathtaking experiences. 

Relish the true heart of its past, present, and future with a tailor-made Europe holiday package. If you want to explore regarding the best european tour companies, then visit

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Some of the places you should explore in such a package include:

Bucharest, Romania

Restless to the soul, this city displays a great fusion of wilderness and civilization. Both commercially forward and boasting of a history of communism, Bucharest is a unique destination. 

It is the capital and largest city of Romania and is the perfect choice for off-beat Europe tour packages. As a transition town for travelers heading to Transylvania, a leisurely stay in Bucharest is always a pleasant experience. 

Bratislava, Slovakia

Historic forts and easy access to the wilderness make Bratislava a rather charming little town. This capital of Slovakia is home to magnificent gothic cathedrals and beautiful World War II memorials. 

Churches, forts, palaces, and museums are just the tip of the iceberg when you consider the wealth of attractions here.

Budapest, Hungary

Standing tall by the Danube River, this city provides a wonderful combination of leisure and adventure activities to visitors. 

From the spectacular hiking trails in the Buda hills to pampering sessions at the most stunning thermal springs that await you across the Danube, there's something here for everyone to enjoy. Check out some of the amazing palaces, churches, museums, and art galleries.