Top 5 Myths About Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are widely used in the world, yet there are several myths about these cleaning units doing rounds in the market. Let’s have a look at all those myths. But, before that, if you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, then you must check out the list of 10 best vacuum cleaners by consumer reports to get to the right product easily.

Myth 1 – Amps mean performance

If a vacuum cleaner is consuming more amps, then that doesn’t mean the device is performing excellently. Would you judge your car’s performance by its gas consumption? I’m sure not.

Myth 2 – HEPA is a must feature

No, it is not, as long as a vacuum cleaner is capable of trapping most particles, it is considered good.

Myth 3 – A vacuum cleaner that can pick up a bowling ball is powerful

That’s some suction power to pick a bowling ball, but how often would you need that impressive suction power? A vacuum cleaner with decent suction power will do the job efficiently.

Myth 4 – All vacuum bags are the same

If you buy a cheaper, generic, and single-ply bag, then you will get exactly what you paid for. Bags with large pores allow dust particles to escape into the air. Use a dense multi-ply microfilter to trap more dust particles.

Myth 5 – All vacuum belts are the same

If you have bought a cheap vacuum, then the belt in it is obviously going to be cheap. It will slip, stretch and self-destruct a lot quicker than a better quality one. So, make sure you buy a top quality vacuum cleaner.