Turn Up the Heat for Your Health With Charlotte Infrared Sauna Therapy

People have always known that time spent enveloped in deep penetrating heat has undeniable short-term benefits and is a long-term investment in a healthy life. They appreciate the soothing infrared heat and relaxing music. If you want to try a session for infrared sauna in Charlotte, NC visit https://www.ardensaltsauna.com/ to experience infrared sauna in Charlotte NC.

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In a recent review of studies and controlled trials, researchers found evidence that sauna sessions have an impressive array of beneficial health effects including:

• Increased lifespan

• Reduced cardiovascular disease

• Lowered blood pressure

• Improved cognitive function

• Reduced risk of neurodegenerative disease

• Improved arthritis symptoms

• Detoxification of heavy metals and chemicals

Sauna use has also been shown to improve almost every marker related to type 2 diabetes, including insulin sensitivity, fasting blood sugar, glycated hemoglobin, and body fat levels.Studies have also found saunas to be an excellent protocol for detoxification of heavy metals and chemicals. For instance, arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury have been shown to be excreted through the skin, as well or better than when they’re excreted in the urine.A Canadian study found that the concentration of phytates (chemicals in toys, fragrances and cosmetics) was twice as high in sweat, as in urine or blood.

Ask anyone you know who has a sauna about the benefits they feel and they’ll regale you with experiences ranging from improved sleep, to less pain and inflammation. Having read all this, wouldn’t you agree, “It’s time to turn up the heat for your health!