Types Of Section 8 Programs In Washington

The section 8 program is an initiative of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. This program aims to provide access to safe, clean, and affordable housing for very low-income families, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Types of Section 8 Programs

1. Tenant-Based Housing Choice Voucher 

As part of the tenant-based housing choice voucher program, vouchers follow tenants. This is the most common voucher type in Section 8. With tenant-based vouchers, you can find your own home as long as the landlord is willing to join the voucher program.

Section 8 Housing

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Your housing authority can provide you with a list of approved housing and landlord options. But in the end, you are free to choose the rental unit you want. Under this agreement, PHA will inspect residential units to ensure that they meet health and safety program standards before the lease is approved.

2. HCV Homeownership Voucher

Apart from finding rental units, some of the voucher programs in Section 8 can also help eligible families find and buy homes. The HCV Household voucher Program was launched in 2000. 

According to Section 8, families who have vouchers can use them to help with housing purchases and to support the monthly costs of homeownership.

Please note that the HCV program is not offered by every PHA and is not required to participate in this program. So it is important that you check with your local housing authority before accepting that this could be an option for you.