Video Sales Letter – What Is It?

You've likely seen many blog posts about internet marketing to help you understand the various ways that you can market your products.

There are many!

It can seem overwhelming. We love to break down seemingly complicated tools into simple, digestible pieces. There are many ways to grab your customer's attention and get them to buy your product and services. But, the VSL (video sales letter) is my favorite tool.

What is a video sales letter? 

VSL (Video sales letter) is a sales page that includes a video on selling your product. The only other things on the page are the buttons for the customer to click to buy the product and maybe some text summarizing what the viewer will see in the videos.

The video is the real deal. A video that captures customers' attention with compelling visuals and a compelling script is the ideal VSL.  By the end of the VSL, a customer should be ready and willing to click on whatever the narrator of the video tells them to!

Video Sales Letters vs. Written Sales Letters

Why use a VSL instead of a written sales letter.

WSLs are great for low-ticket items but they don't have the same power as VSLs. VSLs offer customers something to hold onto.

It is important to understand the purpose and benefits of a VSL. This is to drive traffic to mid-tier sales (in contrast to WSLs which drive traffic to lower ticket prices). A VSL may be more expensive up front, but a marketer can expect greater results.