Visit Uganda For Gorilla Trekking Experience

Uganda, frequently referred to under the title of Pearl of Africa, is a tiny nation that is the only one in East Africa. After a 15-year time of military dictatorship and war by Idi Amin the nation was declared independent in 1991. 

The current government has demonstrated remarkable growth and gained recognition throughout Africa and across the globe. Uganda is home to an abundance of natural tourist attractions that span from mountain gorilla treks, the chimpanzee trek, bird watching and wildlife tours, as well as excursions to the culture. 

Gorilla trekking has made Uganda an unforgettable safari in the entire continent of Africa. Of the 700 gorillas left in the world, fifty percent reside in Uganda.

uganda gorilla trek

The park is made up of three slopes, which are an element of one of the deceased Viruga Volcanoes (Muhavura, Gahinga, Sabinyo). The changing climates of these mountains has created an excellent habitat to the mountain Gorilla along with other wildlife and vegetation of all kinds. 

Monitoring Gorillas is among the most thrilling activities that you could do within Mhagina National Park. The Gorilla family in this park is called Nyakagezi and comprises two Silverbacks, three females who are adults and two young ones and two infants.

The procedure of tracking endangered mammals is an exhausting adventure that can last for up to an hour or all day. Primates do not have a set schedule and require a trained guide. The process of tracking primates in thick forests and deep in the forest is among the most thrilling experiences you can have. 

The preservation from the park's destruction has enhanced the living standards of the communities that live nearby with better employment opportunities and improved farming methods. Visitors are urged to follow these rules laid by guides. Being able to view the unique mountain Gorilla is one of the most thrilling experiences available in Uganda.