What Are The Types Of Women’s Perfume?

Are you confused about the different types of women's perfumes? Do you know what type or taste means? Maybe you've heard perfumes described as floral or oriental, woody or citrusy, but then you hear those described as a floral oriental.

This may seem very confusing, but once you have a basic understanding of the main categories, sub-categories are just network extensions, like a mix. You can also look for the best oriental perfumes via an online source.

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Each perfume contains three fragrances. Top, middle, and bottom. They change over time, so the first time you feel a scent on yourself is different than when you feel it an hour or so later.

The main traditional categories or families are:

Floral – It's easy because flowers mean flowers and this fragrance has a floral scent. Soft and gentle can be worn anytime.

Woody – They have an earthy tone and are perfect for a sense of freshness and vitality, but still add that aura of sophistication.

Oriental – This perfume is sweet and spicy and is the "strongest" of all perfumes. They show a certain "power" because they are intoxicating and sensual. If you wear this type of women's perfume, you will stand out from the crowd whether you are working or playing. 

Today one can also hear perfumes called "green glass, chypre or wine". Like all achievements in the industry, perfume is no different. That's why a new category was created.