What Are Types Of GPS Tracking Are There?

There are two types of GPS trackers on the market. We'll first look at the "historic" GPS trackers. This device is similar to a regular GPS device, but has a built-in recorder that records the device's location (at certain intervals). 

So one can attach a historical GPS tracking device to the vehicle, wait for its return, remove the GPS tracking device, and then analyze the data to see where the device is, how fast it went, for how long it was idle in various locations etc. These units are generally less expensive and do not require a monthly fee. For the GPS vehicle tracking system you can request a demo.

Another type of GPS device is a real-time GPS tracking device. They allow you to see the location of the GPS tracker instantly. Instead of recorders like historical GPS locators, they have a built-in transmitter that sends GPS location information back to a central computer. As an end user, you can log into your computer and track your GPS device in real time. 

How is this data sent? Through the cellular network. That's why the monthly service fee is tied to a real time GPS tracking device. Just like your cell phone, real-time GPS tracking devices have limitations. If there is no cellular service, no information can be sent back to you.