When Do You Think It Is Time For Asbestos Testing In NSW?

If you have an older building and are considering permanent changes or demolition, you should understand the current regulations governing asbestos testing in NSW and beyond. 

Asbestos is a building material that has been used intensively for the last hundreds of years due to its high flexibility and unique fire and temperature resistance properties. But lately, asbestos has been linked to a number of serious health problems.

One such problem is the strong link between asbestos exposure and lung and respiratory cancers. So you need to remove asbestos from your building for the health of your near and dear ones. You can check asbestos examination costs from various online sources.

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Because asbestos has been used so widely in the past, this newfound association with long-term health problems poses a significant dilemma. The presence of asbestos may be an immediate problem depending on the existing application and the conditions of the material. 

However, when materials containing asbestos begin to break down, the health of the individual can be impaired due to the fibres that can be released into the surrounding air stream. This fibre cannot be processed by the body and therefore remains in the lungs when you breathe.

If asbestos is present in structures – which is usually found in objects erected before 2003 – there is a risk of these asbestos fibres being released into the air. Because of this potential threat, testing for asbestos in NSW is very important. Before planning any work, the team should inspect the structure to identify potential sites of asbestos, collect samples and test them to confirm (or remove) the presence of asbestos.

If asbestos is found in an application believed to be safe, a permit can be granted that allows the substance to remain in its current state. However, if removal is required, this task must be performed by a certified professional.