Which Weed Killer Works Best for Weed Control?

There are so many weed control products on the market that it can sometimes be confusing deciding which one is the best for your lawn. Which weed killer works best depends on your situation. Different products are formulated to solve different problems at different stages of weed development.

Below are various products that you can see on the shelves of your local home and garden stores.

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Early herbicide

To prevent weeds from growing in areas known as weeds, consider using a herbicide that came before it. This type of herbicide prevents the seeds from germinating. So it's best if you use it before weeds grow. These are the precautions you should take before the start of the growing season.

Post-grown herbicides

Once the weeds have grown, you will need to apply herbicides after an emergency. This herbicide kills any growing plant through contact or ingesting weeds and killing them from the roots. Weed killers are one of the most popular products for weed control.

Selective herbicide

As the name suggests, this type of herbicide kills the selected type of weed. They are usually designed for deciduous plants without damaging the grass.

Non-selective herbicide

This type of herbicide kills indiscriminately, hence the term "non-selective". This has the potential to kill or damage any plants it comes in contact with. For this reason, non-selective herbicides should only be used for on-site treatment.