Why Choose Permanent Cosmetics Treatment?

The effect of cosmetic tattoos is permanent as the color cannot be removed. But, fade can happen so it is important to maintain the color. This and other factors should be considered when selecting a technician.

These cosmetics can be affected by the sun's UV rays, tanning booths, drugs, dry skin, smoking, and other factors. Avoid Retinol, Alpha-hydroxy, and glycolic acid.

These substances can slough off the top layers of skin, which will eventually affect the implants. You can consult the cosmetic tattoo expert in Gold Coast for more information on cosmetic tattoos.

What is the cost?

Para-medical is the common name for these cosmetic procedures. The rates for work performed in a doctor's office or specialist clinics may be higher. The most important thing is not the cost of work, but the skill and training of the technician as well as the client's trust.

What is the time it takes?

The procedure will take approximately 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours, with less time for follow-up.

It is Painful?

It is quite invasive and may cause some discomfort. However, this will depend on the person and the skill of the technician. If necessary, a topical anesthetic may be applied. You may experience some bleeding, but it is minimal.

Can Resemble Regular Makeup?

This technique can be used to create designs that look like regular makeup. Cosmetic procedures include permanent eyeliners, lip colors, and enhancements to the lips, eyelids, and face.