Why Memory Care In Rhode Island Is So Essential For Seniors

When a senior is diagnosed with memory-related illnesses, it takes a significant toll on him or her and everyone around them. We strive to provide the best senior living home for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in Rhode Island through our Alzheimer’s care facilities via https://www.careconciergene.com/memory-care, and we believe that memory care specialization is crucial in helping these residents thrive. Today, we’re highlighting some reasons why memory care is so important.

Maintaining the Memory Health

One of the more essential aspects of memory care is lessening the impact of memory-related illnesses on our residents. We enable our memory care residents to live their lives to the fullest by providing them with access to mindful activities, social opportunities, and healthy practices. 

Some of the key aspects of our program include:

  • Small group activities

  • Healthy snacks and meals

  • Fitness programs

  • Fully-trained nursing & nursing assistant staff

Keeping the Mind Active

The best way to prevent further memory loss or impairment is to keep the mind active. That’s why we engage our residents in activities that utilize the most critical parts of their brains. Some of these activities are relatively simple and can be done at home to keep memory health in check. Regardless, we love supporting our residents’ hobbies, especially if they will help them retain their memories.

Some of the activities we encourage are:

  • Puzzles, including jigsaws and crosswords

  • Reading, writing, and language-based topics

  • Gardening and other peaceful outdoor activities

  • Meditation and Yoga